Joining CAK

To a potential member of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan 

1.The question of joining a Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - SAC) of a potential member is considered at the SAC Council, with the participation of all members of the SAC Council.

2.Membership status by decision of the Council of the SAC can be:
  • full (full membership, membership approval is carried out by the SAC Council),
  • associative (associative membership, approval of membership is carried out by the Council of the SAC or the Directorate of the SAC).

3.The SJC may include:

  • Regional Civil Alliances;
  • non-profit organizations with member organizations, regional offices and branches);
  • branch, republican organizations;
  • coalition NGOs;
  • public figures.

Step-by-step instructions for joining the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan:

Step 1. Fill out an application (download the sample).

Step 2. Attach:

  • the protocol or an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the authorized body of the acceding organization with the decision to join the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - SAC);
  • copies of constituent documents (charter, certificate of state registration);
  • a copy of the order of appointment of the first head of the organization;
  • list of member organizations;
  • report on completed projects for the last year;
  • work plan for the coming year. 

Step 3. Email documents to 

Or to: Astana, 25 Syganak St., Ansar Business Center, 15th floor. 

Contact phone: +7 (7172) 55 - 06 - 78 

In the case of a positive decision of the SAC Council on your membership in SAC, it is necessary to pay the entrance fee and send a confirmation of payment to the SAC.