Бану Нургазиева: Право выбора – одно из фундаментальных прав человека

President of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan Banu Nurgazieva commented on the upcoming elections of deputies of maslikhats at all levels, Yelorda Info reports. “This morning, the President of the country Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced the date for the next elections of deputies of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and maslikhats, which will be held on January 10, 2021. In his address, the Head of State stressed that “all political parties had time to prepare for participation in the upcoming election campaign, develop an electoral platform, and improve the party infrastructure.” For the first time, political parties of Kazakhstan will represent party lists of candidates for maslikhats of all levels, ”Banu Nurgaziyeva noted. The head of the Civil Alliance added that the parties received additional opportunities to strengthen their positions in the country's political system, as is customary in all developed democracies. In addition, changes in legislation will expand the participation of citizens in the socio-political life of the state facilitated by changes in legislation. “Thus, the introduction of amendments to the Constitutional Law“ On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan ”and the Law“ On Political Parties ”in terms of compliance with the 30 percent quota in party lists for women and youth aroused particular interest of this category in the electoral process. Undoubtedly, this will serve as a good incentive for young people and representatives of the female half of society with an active civil position to participate in the upcoming elections. It must be admitted that the recent intraparty primaries clearly demonstrated the increased activity of citizens. It is especially pleasing that there were many leaders of non-governmental organizations among the candidates, ”Banu Nurgaziyeva said. The participation of about 8 thousand self-nominated candidates from 11 thousand candidates in the primaries, in her opinion, testifies to the growth of self-awareness of society. “This is confirmed by the results of a sociological survey, which showed that the candidates were motivated by the desire to take part in the renewal of the country. It is expected that the upcoming elections will be marked by high political activity of the population. Of course, there is always a category of citizens who underestimate the importance of elections. But we must not forget that the right to choose is one of the fundamental human rights, ”stressed the President of the Civil Alliance. Banu Nurgazieva urged the people of Kazakhstan to remember that everyone takes part in the fate of the country and the region. “The Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan, as a non-governmental organization, will not remain aloof from this significant event in the life of the country, will take an active part in the electoral campaign, and is ready to offer its members to the lists of observers of the electoral process,” she concluded.