Pavlodar Region

The Regional Forum of the Pavlodar Region

🗓 Sept. 6, 2023, 2:47 p.m. ; Location

Forum Topic

Challenges and Prospects of Local Self-Governance Development

The theme of the forum is determined based on the fact that the Pavlodar Region has one of the highest environmental burdens. At the same time, the region has accumulated good experience in public participation in solving environmental problems.

In order to maximize the involvement of interested representatives of NGOs and enhance the level of the regional forum, leaders of NGOs, members of public councils from other regions of Kazakhstan, representatives of international and foreign organizations, as well as experts from the republican and international levels, will participate in it.

The discussion will focus on three key issues that are of great concern to the public at present:

- Development of local programs for climate change adaptation.
- Air quality in settlements and public health.
- Greening of settlements and increasing forest cover in the country.