Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan

Round table discussion of the interview of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev on the topic "Implementation in practice of the concept of a "hearing state" and the principles of a Fair Kazakhstan"

Jan. 12, 2024 | Views: 447


The office of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan hosted a round table event dedicated to discussing the interview of the Head of State. The moderator was the President of the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan, Nurgazieva Banu Ganievna.

During the discussion, the participants analyzed the key points of the President's interview, and also expressed their views and opinions on important topics covered in the interview. Issues of economics, politics, social development, national culture and other topics were carefully considered and discussed at the event.

The participants expressed their gratitude to the Head of State for such an informative and informative interview with the newspaper "Egemen Kazakhstan". They recognized it as a significant step forward in the framework of the development and strengthening of a progressive nation, expressed their support and agreement with the proposed ideas and development paths voiced in the interview.

The event was held in a hybrid format, attended by more than 70 people.